material and ventilation panels

took great pride in creating the Elite Light Cushion No Show Tab Sock, and it shows in the details. Smooth, synthetic material and ventilation panels help sweat and moisture move away from your skin while carefully constructed seams and strategically placed cushioning ensure your comfort over the long run. Combined, the fit and features help this sock become one with your foot in a way that you won’t find in any other footwear

a wide variety of weights and lengths, meaning you’re sure to find an Accel to suit your exact needs. Any model you choose has a gorgeous emerald-colored blank, olive green thread wraps with garnet and black trim wraps, and a snub-nose, half-wells cork handle, so it’ll look beautiful hanging on your cabin wall during those winter months (though the river’s still flowing in January, so you may never want to put it away). Fuji ceramic stripper guides

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