the world no one is excluded

LLC is a US-based company dedicated to providing you with a wide variety of fine furniture. With sales and manufacturing offices in Europe and China, as well as the ability to ship to anywhere in the world, no one is excluded from bringing these lovely pieces home. From outdoor to indoor furniture, children’s furniture to ottomans and home accessories, all your needs will be met with attractive, high quality products that will last

healthy life. The swings, monkey bars, and climbing structures all inspire this kind of kinetic play. As kids climb up, down, and all around this set, parents will feel better knowing the children are safe with the securely anchored easy-grip handles and stable, square footing. The canopy and the built-in picnic table allow kids to stay outside and play almost all day without you having to worry about them getting too much sun, because the canopy is made from all-weather Sunbrella fabric that protects them both from harsh UV rays and even light rain

powered woodworking tools and wood hand-selected for each furniture piece, Amish craftsmen pay great attention to each detail, resulting in beautiful and timeless furniture. Amish woodworkers select each piece of wood for its grain and other individual characteristics, and these characteristics are highlighted so that no two pieces of furniture are ever identical. Made in the heart of Pennsylvania by these dedicated workers, each piece of A and L’s furniture is sure to become a treasured heirloom for your

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